Red River, NM Boasts Strong Business Growth in 2023, Welcomes New Ventures

Red River, NM Boasts Strong Business Growth in 2023, Welcomes New Ventures

The Town of Red River Office of Economic Development & Tourism is thrilled to announce an impressive surge in business growth as it bids farewell to 2023. The fourth quarter of the year witnessed the arrival of several new and exciting ventures, all of which are set to contribute to the vibrancy and expansion of the town's economy.

One of the highlights of this growth is the opening of the Red River Brewing Company & Distillery's Tasting Room and Production Facility #2. This expansion became possible, in large part, thanks to the economic development programs provided by the New Mexico Economic Development Department. Red River Brewing Company & Distillery benefited from the Local Economic Development Act (LEDA) funding and the Job Training Incentive Program. These initiatives are specifically designed to foster the growth and expansion of manufacturing companies that operate in New Mexico.

In the words of the brewery's representative, "We are excited to open our doors to the Red River community with our new Tasting Room and Production Facility. The support we received from the economic development programs has been invaluable in realizing our growth plans, and we are eager to share our craft beers and spirits with both locals and visitors."

Another notable addition to the Red River business scene is Snarky Malarkey's - Gifts Gone Amiss. This unique retail store offers a wide selection of "inappropriate" gifts, catering to those with a sense of humor that leans towards the unconventional. "We are thrilled to bring our one-of-a-kind store to Red River," said the owners. "Our aim is to provide a fun and quirky shopping experience for locals and tourists alike, and we can't wait to see the community's reaction to our unique product offering."

The collaboration between Cimarron-based Blu Dragonfly Brewing Company and Madam's Lounge and Theatre gave birth to a new taproom in town. The representatives of Blu Dragonfly Brewing Company expressed their excitement, stating, "Partnering with Madam's Lounge and Theatre to create this new taproom has been a fantastic opportunity for us to expand our reach into Red River. We look forward to serving our specially crafted beers to all the beer enthusiasts in and around the area."

Lastly, T-Bucks Restaurant has reopened under new ownership, boasting a revamped menu that includes freshly-made donuts and mouthwatering breakfast options. The owners of the restaurant expressed their enthusiasm, saying, "We're thrilled to take the reins of this beloved establishment and offer the community delicious breakfast options that will start their day off right. Our donuts are a special treat that we think everyone will enjoy."

The Red River Office of Economic Development & Tourism is proud to welcome these new businesses and celebrates their contribution to the town's prosperity. With increasing opportunities for locals and visitors alike, Red River is poised for growth and continued success heading into the new year.

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