Marshal's Office

Marshal's Office

I would like to welcome you to the Red River Marshal’s Office webpage.
It is very important that our Marshal’s Office is providing the highest quality police service for our residents as well as those who work, visit, and travel through our Town.
I would like all persons in the Town of Red River to understand that “no phone call” is unimportant to us, and if you have a need for the Police Department, even if it is a simple question or minor concern then you should feel free to contact our Communications Center.

Our Marshal’s Office goal is to provide the most professional police services possible and in order to do this we must be sure that we are addressing all the needs of the public.

I would encourage you to stop and talk to our officers when you see them. We do appreciate your support. You’ll find that our police officers are courteous, professional, well trained and of high integrity. We are proud of what we do and proud to be a part of this community.

Welcome to our Town and have a great day,
Marshal Jason Rael

We offer MVD-approved driving tests by appointment.  If you have a Police, Fire, or Medical emergency dial 911.  To report a suspected drunk driver anywhere in New Mexico call #DWI from your cell – locally call (575) 754-6166.

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Animal Control

For information on any Animal Control Issues contact any of the Marshals at our business number (575) 754-6166.  Remember, don’t feed wild animals and always view wildlife from a distance.  Only place trash in dumpsters and secure the lids properly.  Never leave food or trash in your house, on your porch or in your vehicle.

Communications Center

A division of the Red River Marshal's Office, the Red River Dispatch Center has sophisticated communication equipment, a highly technical enhanced 911 system, and communications specialists that are available 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.   Our communications specialists are dedicated and committed to providing that crucial link between those who are in need of assistance and those who provide assistance. A sophisticated upgrade in 2007 was funded in part by the State of New Mexico and allowed for expanded coverage to many surrounding agencies, including contractual communications responsibilities with area police departments, fire departments, ambulances, and search and rescue teams. The latest upgrade in early 2013 addressed the next generation of enhanced capabilities for the 911 and radio systems.

Remember, when reporting an emergency stay on the line with the dispatcher until help arrives.  Tell what the emergency is, give your location, your name, call back number, and any other information that might be important - such as hazards or description of persons involved.  Above all, stay calm and keep yourself away from harm.

Red River Marshal’s Office
PO Box 410
Red River, NM 87558
Office: (575) 754-6166 
FAX:  (575) 754-2306

Jason Rael, Town Marshal

Town of Red River

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