Public Works

Public Works

Our constant goal is to provide our residents and visitors with safe and reliable services. We want you to understand thetractor efforts we make to continually improve the services we provide and the efforts we make to protect our resources.

We are committed to ensuring the quality of our services to our customers, visitors and the environment which is the heart of our community, our way of life and our future.

The Town of Red River produces water from ground water sources within the Rio Grande Basin, Pioneer Creek and the Red River Aquifer's. Click here to view our 2019 Water Quality Report(CCR Report) and wellhead Protection plan.

Isaac Cisneros, Public Works Director
cell #: 575-779-3780

Vacant, Environmental Compliance Manager

Vacant, AWWT Plant Manager


The AWWT facility has been in operation since 1983. Its Rotating Biological Treatment System process remains to be one of the top treatment systems. Currently, the Town of Red River services 600 customers and as many as 8000 visitors per day during our busy seasons. The Treatment plant must meet New Mexico Environmental Department (NMED) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) performance standards. The town makes monthly reports to NMED and EPA which detail the plant’s performance.

Our Laboratory is certified to analyze drinking water by the State of New Mexico Drinking Water Bureau.  If you would like to have your water tested for Total Coliform or E-Coli Bacteria, to ensure that your drinking water supply is wholesome, a sterile water container and instructions may be picked up weekdays between 8am and 5pm at our facility. (Lab fees apply)
The AWWT facility is located at 2 Straight Creek Trail, which is located off of State Highway 38 at mile marker 10.
 If you have questions, you can reach the AWWT Facility by calling 575-754-6671.

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